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TRS engages in manufacture, sale, and contract processing of a wide variety of medical guidewires.

Our special hydrophilic coating is applied to our guidewires' surface and realizes smooth access to the target point by reacting with water in tissues of the body.
Micro Guidewires
TRS micro guidewires have high torque performance in spite of their ultrafine diameters, and can be inserted into peripheral blood vessels. In addition, they are highly flexible and pass through stenosis of vessels.
Spring Construction Guidewires
Our spring construction guidewires apply a unique spring form and realize very accurate access to the target point. The flexibility is so high that they can pass through curved sections.

TRS products are manufactured in accordance with ISO13485 and several quality standards to ensure the quality. In addition, our contract manufacturing and processing are available broadly from small-lot orders to mass-production orders and can be requested in detail. We manufacture and process according to our customers' requests.

Our products play an important role in providing safe treatment to patients. We continue working on the research and improvement of our products and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

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